LPB Professional Development

Our firm specializes in offering quality teacher education. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful workshops that are informative and motivating. Ultimately, we want you to leave our sessions feeling renewed, rejuvenated, and driven to implement new strategies within your own school or classroom.

Workshop for Educators

Expand your knowledge, skills and strategies in teaching with one of our many professional development workshops. Our workshops can be tailored from one to three hours.


Workshops for Families

Engage us for informative and meaningful workshops that are geared to educating families on best practices. We offer strategies that will support and enhance student learning. Our aim is to create informative and accessible information for families that only want the best for their children.


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Our coaching and mentoring programs offer educators hands-on experiences that foster meaningful relationships that allow for the implementation of enhanced practices that are bound to improve your teaching methods.


Our Mission Statement

To conduct informative workshops and coaching methods that are beneficial to our clientele thus creating a larger population of highly effective educators that will ultimately shape and mold future generations in an impactful way.

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